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Implement communications and creative programs to highlight pureLYFT as an innovative caffeine stir-stick and healthy alternative to coffee and energy drinks.


—Product Launch 
—New Flavors Product Launch 
—eCommerce + Retail Launch

—Media relations 
—Influencer marketing 
—Event PR + management 
—Social media management 
—Creative design (package design , marketing materials social media graphics)

—Targeted consumer outreach 
—Announcement outreach 
—Expert source pitching 
—Health + fitness opportunities 
—Speaking program 
—Editorial calendar program

Secured Coverage

February 14, 2019 Mental Floss 10 Ways to Get Your Caffeine Fix Without Coffee LINK

October 28, 2018 Spoon University Add pureLYFT to Any Drink for Caffeine Without the Side Effects LINK

August 29, 2018 Coffee Talk Magazine pureLYFT Announces Expansion of eCommerce and Retail Locations LINK

September 10, 2017 Convenience Store News PureLYFT Caffeine Stick LINK

September 1, 2017 Beauty Loves Booze pureLYFT Clean Energy for… Well, Everything LINK

June 5, 2017 NJ Biz Energy assistance Caffeine stir stick pureLYFT makes inroads with everyone from health nuts to college kids LINK

May 24, 2017 BevNet Beverage School: How Brands Are Building On Campus LINK

March 3, 2017 She’s Fit to Lead #getLYFTed with pureLYFT LINK

January 27, 2017 BevNet pureLYFT Adds Three New Flavors to Its Line of Caffeine Stir Sticks LINK

September 21, 2016 Hotel Business Caffeinated Amenity Gives Luxury Hotel Guests a Boost LINK

Creative Services

Affiliation: Elevate Communications