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An around-the-world study abroad experience

An around-the-world study abroad experience

Instead of studying abroad in one country, visit 10 countries by traveling around the world for 100 days at sea.


Studying abroad is a must while in college. College itself allows you to grow and experience life on your own, but studying abroad provides an added outlook and view into other cultures. The big question is – where to visit? If you really want to experience the world, Semester at Sea provides an around-the-world experience with ample excursion and volunteer opportunities. I was lucky to embark on this incredible 100-day voyage visiting 10 unique countries – and most importantly, all while receiving college credit.

My Fall 2005 voyage: Bahamas → Venezuela → Brazil → South Africa → Mauritius → India → Myanmar → Vietnam → Hong Kong → Japan → Hawaii → San Diego


Do your little bit of good where you are.
It’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Courses are influenced by your itinerary. For example, World Literature includes readings from locations you are visiting and Anthropology of Food requires you to try new foods in each country. Courses are only held during the time at sea between ports to allow for exploration in each port. Semester at Sea offers a variety of excursions for each location from visiting the Great Wall of China to volunteering at a Venezuelan orphanage – or you can choose to travel on your own.

The program offers one-of-a-kind experiences such as guest professor Archbishop Desmond Tutu who joined our voyage from Brazil into his home country of South Africa. Plus, they create onboard events such as Olympic-styled games including synchronized swimming in the ship’s pool, and observances of the mariner’s transformation from a Pollywog to Shellback upon crossing the Equator.

The friends made during this voyage are friends you will have for a lifetime because they truly understand what you’ve experienced. From the fun life of living on the m/v Explorer to venturing around countries, it was definitely the greatest time of my life.

In celebration of Semester at Sea, please enjoy BuzzFeed’s 48 Telltale Signs You Went on Semester at Sea!

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